Tuesday, February 07, 2006

I Am Happy the Steelers Won

I really wish people would stop complaining about the officiating at the Superbowl. Are these people out on the field, in the middle of these players, making calls? No, they are not. Can coaches challenge certain referee calls if they feel the call is unfair? Yes they can. Are there going to be controversial calls in football? Yes. Almost every single game. As I recall, there was one regarding an interception during the Steelers/Colts game that almost cost them the win.

The Steelers outplayed the Seahawks on Sunday, plain and simple. The Seahawks missed two field goals while playing under a dome. I understand that, to Seahawks fans, this wouldn't have made the difference in the game. I make this point to further illustrate that the Steelers played an excellent game and the Seahawks missed some key opportunities to put points on the board.

I just don't think the game was fixed. The Steelers won. Another football season will commence next year. Sorry the Seahawks lost, but accept it.

I know I accept the Orioles losing season every single year.


Cinn said...

I agree! The ball touched the plane of the goal line! That's all it takes for a touchdown...so my former football playing husband tells me.

paige3girl said...

YOU ARE ALL MAD! The game was fixed!