Thursday, May 25, 2006

The End of Season Two

Well, another season of Lost has reached its conclusion. And, unlike last season's cliffhanger, this one left us with many more questions than simply "What's in the hatch?" and "Who in the hell took Walt?".

I'm sure most of my seven readers watched it last night, so no need for recap. What I will post are my questions.

Do you think Walt and Michael are really going to get rescued?

Why don't the others just load up all the survivors and take them to be rescued?

Do you think Kate and Jack have a plan to be rescued? Re: their looks to each other at the end?

Why would they want Kate and Sawyer? It's clear to me that they'd want Jack b/c he's a doctor.

Do you think Desmond, Locke, and Eko blew up?

Will Sayid, Sun, and Jin find them?

Do you think Henry is "him"?

Do you think that the others really are the good guys who were left after something went terribly wrong on the island?

Is Desmond's girlfriend going to find the island next season?

What was that bird who was saying "Hurley" all about? Did it have a Dharma logo on it? I'm guessing it did.

I really hope that Michael and Walt are taking the boat to get Sayid, Jin, and Sun.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

And a Summer of Frustration Begins

Tonight is the final episode of season two of Lost. We will supposedly find out the answers to such nagging questions as "Why did the plane crash?" and "What really happens if the button is not pushed?"

I personally, cannot wait. This is my favorite show since ABC aired Twin Peaks.

I'll give my opinion on this one tomorrow.

Monday, May 22, 2006

Get In On It

No, it's not the latest slogan for the newest sports drink, sneaker, or alcoholic beverage.

It's Baltimore's new slogan.

Yes, my home town, my favorite city in America, has YET ANOTHER shit ass poorly imagined slogan to paint on the benches all over town. The announcement of the new slogan comes after Baltimore invested 9.5 million dollars for people to sit around and think of this new phrase. It also follows such other slogans like "The Greatest City in America" and "The City that Reads".

Who are the people picking this slogans for Baltimore? And who are the idiots thinking up these slogans? Clearly they are from New York, Chicago, or Philadelphia. They're inventing really bad slogans for Baltimore so that no one will ever visit, and will go to their cities instead. Or, maybe they're dedicated locals who want to keep others out.

And what, exactly, are we "getting in on?" Are we getting in on our insanely high murder rate? How about some of the worst air pollution in the country (thank you midwest)?

Baltimore does have really great restaurants. And, for the most part, the people are nice.

Alot nicer than this bullshit slogan.

I Want This Shirt

The description on McSweeneys for this shirt says the following:'

It's the perfect shirt for people who like babies and want to make that clear. Moreover, you're not just doting--you're saying that babies can be as helpful as the rest of us. You're taking a stand! Bravo

I think the opposite is true of this shirt. I'm not the biggest fan of babies though. They scare me (I do like knitting things for little ones though).

This shirt looks fun, nevertheless.

My Grandparents

The Recovering Journalist recently posted a wonderful story about her grandparents for their anniversary. It's inspired me to tell the story of my Grandparents, and how they came to be a married couple. My Grandfather's name was William B. Rose. My Grandmother's name is Margaret Rose.

In World War II, William B. Rose flew B-17 bombers (almost 50 missions!). His co-pilot was Margaret's brother. Margaret would frequently write letters to the pilot of the plane, sending prayers and well wishes to my Grandfather and the rest of the crew.

William visited Margaret's hometown of Latrobe, Pennsylvania once during his leave from duty. There, he met his co-pilot's family, and joined them for a picnic. Margaret was engaged to a man from the community.

William had a girlfriend of his own in Ohio. When he had completed his service in the Army Air Force, he returned home to the United States. He asked to borrow his girlfriends' car for a trip, and drove to Latrobe to visit Margaret.

He and Margaret went to dinner. Bill noticed the engagement ring was no longer present on her finger. He asked her for a dance. He asked her for her hand in marriage. They kissed for the first time. They were married a few weeks later. Margaret wore a blue suit and a corsage of Gardenias.

She didn't tell him that she had hid the ring in her purse until some time later. There is still a picture of Margaret and Bill from their first picnic together in the family photo album.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

I Do Not Care About the Da Vinci Code

I haven't read the book. I'm not going to read the book. I'm sure the book is terrible. The readers of this book are all part of a master conspiracy. A conspiracy to do what? I'm not sure, but that many people don't read a book that doesn't sound like it's all that great unless they're part of a plot.

I am also not going to see the movie. I don't care that the cutie from Amelie is in it. Tom Hanks hair is reason alone not to pay 12 bucks to see this film.

Thank you. You can all go about your day now. And, if you have read this book, please fill me in on the plot to rule humanity.

Monday, May 15, 2006

On the needles this week

I just finished another baby blanket for a friend of a friend. Thought I'd try my hand at some more lace work. I find it challenging, but am still doing smaller projects, like this scarf I started yesterday from I'm using the same wool in the picture, but beige in color.

Monday, May 08, 2006

So I lied...

I ended up purchasing lots more than one skein of yarn this weekend. I couldn't help it! It was all to wonderful to resist!

Thanks to my friend, Sarah, who helped me pick out some of the yarn, who bought more than I did, and who thought it was a good idea NOT to go back on Sunday for more "browsing".

Here's some pics of the stuff I bought. The colors aren't exact, but you'll get the idea.