Monday, May 22, 2006

Get In On It

No, it's not the latest slogan for the newest sports drink, sneaker, or alcoholic beverage.

It's Baltimore's new slogan.

Yes, my home town, my favorite city in America, has YET ANOTHER shit ass poorly imagined slogan to paint on the benches all over town. The announcement of the new slogan comes after Baltimore invested 9.5 million dollars for people to sit around and think of this new phrase. It also follows such other slogans like "The Greatest City in America" and "The City that Reads".

Who are the people picking this slogans for Baltimore? And who are the idiots thinking up these slogans? Clearly they are from New York, Chicago, or Philadelphia. They're inventing really bad slogans for Baltimore so that no one will ever visit, and will go to their cities instead. Or, maybe they're dedicated locals who want to keep others out.

And what, exactly, are we "getting in on?" Are we getting in on our insanely high murder rate? How about some of the worst air pollution in the country (thank you midwest)?

Baltimore does have really great restaurants. And, for the most part, the people are nice.

Alot nicer than this bullshit slogan.

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