Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Please Explain

Why that movie, Mall Cop, has been the #1 movie in America for the past two weeks.

I would also like to take this moment to plead with the people of America to stop watching crap.

Thank you.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Just say no to CCC

It has come to my attention that Wilton and other companies are now selling kits to help people make their own cupcake cakes, or puzzle cakes or whatever they decide to call them. They are a serious offense to cupcakes everywhere.

The gloriousness of a cupcake is that it is a small, single cake, alone in its cakeness, and should never be combined to make one giant cake that has icing all over it. (I do make an exception for cupcakes combined like pixels that stand along yet look like a larger image.

I also include those giant cupcake pans in the category of CCC. They are just wrong.



Stay Away

Monday, January 19, 2009

End of an Error

Tomorrow, Bush leaves office. I will be in DC with the eight million others waving goodbye to him.

Here's a list of all The Onion headlines about Bush. Enjoy.

Onion Bush Headlines


The one dorky thing I did manage to accomplish when I was in LA was to pay a visit to the hotel used on the show, Angel. It was fun. Here are some pictures!

Best Chicken Burrito I've Ever Eaten....Ever

I managed to stop in Palm Springs to have lunch with my Aunt, and she suggested we go to Mariposa. It was here that I had the best chicken burrito of my life. I don't think I will ever eat another chicken burrito until I go back to this restaurant. (Much like how I won't eat pecan pie until I go back to Jestine's Kitchen in Charleston, SC). Everything here was wonderful! I learned that it is also Barry Manilow's favorite restaurant. How cute!

If you will be in Palm Springs anytime soon, do not miss it.

Mariposa is located at
155 South Palm Canyon Drive
Palm Springs, CA 92262

In-N-Out Burger

Having left my wallet at the hotel the only afternoon I had to hang out in LA, I didn't get to visit "The Counter", which was on my list (or Pinks...that was just a depressing day all around). I did, however get to visit In-N-Out Burger twice. The first visit, I got my old standby, grilled cheese and fries. A grilled cheese is the burger without the burger. I decided to try an actual burger my last night in California, and it wasn't as good as the grilled cheese.

In-N-Out burger is my favorite fast food restaurant besides Chick-Fil-A. They pay their workers well, and use fresh ingredients. Their fries ROCK. But, Five Guys burgers are better, as far as the burger itself goes.

YAY! I'm finally back!

Bag of Grilled Cheese and Fries:


Most Depressing Cupcake Story Ever

I didn't think I could ever top the sad experience of walking in extreme heat to Cake Love and discovering that their cupcakes tasted like old shoes, but I have.

For about 5 or so years now, I have dreamed of going to Sprinkles in LA for a cupcake for 10. I went there last week, stood in line, met some really nice people, ordered up 6 cupcakes (so I would have some on the plane ride home), and heard them call my name.

Then, I discovered that I had accidentally left my wallet in my hotel room 15 miles away at the airport. The picture above is all I took.

Some might scold me for not going back to the hotel, picking up my wallet, and going to get my cupcakes anyway, but that would've taken me over 2 hours, and I just couldn't drive in the traffic there anymore.

Thanks to the nice woman in front of me who gave me some money so I could pay for parking. I really appreciate it.

I guess I'll just have to wait another year or two for the DC location to open.

So sad.