Monday, May 22, 2006

My Grandparents

The Recovering Journalist recently posted a wonderful story about her grandparents for their anniversary. It's inspired me to tell the story of my Grandparents, and how they came to be a married couple. My Grandfather's name was William B. Rose. My Grandmother's name is Margaret Rose.

In World War II, William B. Rose flew B-17 bombers (almost 50 missions!). His co-pilot was Margaret's brother. Margaret would frequently write letters to the pilot of the plane, sending prayers and well wishes to my Grandfather and the rest of the crew.

William visited Margaret's hometown of Latrobe, Pennsylvania once during his leave from duty. There, he met his co-pilot's family, and joined them for a picnic. Margaret was engaged to a man from the community.

William had a girlfriend of his own in Ohio. When he had completed his service in the Army Air Force, he returned home to the United States. He asked to borrow his girlfriends' car for a trip, and drove to Latrobe to visit Margaret.

He and Margaret went to dinner. Bill noticed the engagement ring was no longer present on her finger. He asked her for a dance. He asked her for her hand in marriage. They kissed for the first time. They were married a few weeks later. Margaret wore a blue suit and a corsage of Gardenias.

She didn't tell him that she had hid the ring in her purse until some time later. There is still a picture of Margaret and Bill from their first picnic together in the family photo album.

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