Thursday, May 25, 2006

The End of Season Two

Well, another season of Lost has reached its conclusion. And, unlike last season's cliffhanger, this one left us with many more questions than simply "What's in the hatch?" and "Who in the hell took Walt?".

I'm sure most of my seven readers watched it last night, so no need for recap. What I will post are my questions.

Do you think Walt and Michael are really going to get rescued?

Why don't the others just load up all the survivors and take them to be rescued?

Do you think Kate and Jack have a plan to be rescued? Re: their looks to each other at the end?

Why would they want Kate and Sawyer? It's clear to me that they'd want Jack b/c he's a doctor.

Do you think Desmond, Locke, and Eko blew up?

Will Sayid, Sun, and Jin find them?

Do you think Henry is "him"?

Do you think that the others really are the good guys who were left after something went terribly wrong on the island?

Is Desmond's girlfriend going to find the island next season?

What was that bird who was saying "Hurley" all about? Did it have a Dharma logo on it? I'm guessing it did.

I really hope that Michael and Walt are taking the boat to get Sayid, Jin, and Sun.


Malnurtured Snay said...

Having to choose between a hot chick and a doctor, I'd take the hot chick too.

lell said...

why did the others make walt take tests? was libby so distraught after her husband died that she became a mental institution patient? why did the others not seem too freaked out about the sky and the noises when desmond overrode the system?

ahhh, so many questions...