Wednesday, May 17, 2006

I Do Not Care About the Da Vinci Code

I haven't read the book. I'm not going to read the book. I'm sure the book is terrible. The readers of this book are all part of a master conspiracy. A conspiracy to do what? I'm not sure, but that many people don't read a book that doesn't sound like it's all that great unless they're part of a plot.

I am also not going to see the movie. I don't care that the cutie from Amelie is in it. Tom Hanks hair is reason alone not to pay 12 bucks to see this film.

Thank you. You can all go about your day now. And, if you have read this book, please fill me in on the plot to rule humanity.


jendavis said...

i've read the book. it was given to me by my sister, who reads every book oprah tells her to read. the book is bad. when amy asked me about it, my reply is "you're too smart to read this." i'd say the same thing to you.

basically the world will be dominated because the masons and the catholic church are evil. but who didn't know that already?

Julie said...

The book is bad. I thought it was at least going to be a decently written story, even if I disagreed with its basic premise. I was wrong. It is pure drivel. The writing is boring, unimaginative, and basically made me want to gag. When I read it I thought, "Gee, this was written to become a movie." I felt like I had to read it in order to answer questions my parishioners might have about it. Ha Ha... my parishioners don't read. I might see the movie for the same reason because my parishioners do see movies!...even though The Church might not want me to see it. As with other movies The Church has condemned (I'm particularly thinking about Dogma, which I LOVED) I think the problem is not so much happy, practicing Catholics seeing it... surely they can tell fact from fiction, but the rest of the world who might think that this is the way The Church actually works. All that being said... I urge you NOT to read it. And The Church is not evil... we do good things, like speak out for immigrants' rights! Don't let the sometimes misguided stances on sexuality matters cloud the rest of the amazing work Catholics do!

eninnej said...

The book is crap, and I wish I had back the three hours it took me to read it, solve every puzzle two chapters ahead of the characters and see every 'twist' coming a mile away. I don't understand. A lot of people I would've thought were too smart to enjoy this book have liked it, and this makes no sense to me! Stick to the avoidance of all things Da Vinci Code. You will not be sorry.