Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Food Memories

I have been reading some food blogs today, and one of them talked about food memories. It reminded me of a funny food memory of my own.

One of my favorite dinners when I was little was the Hamburger Helper with the egg noodles and the cream sauce. I loved the smell of it. The sauce was such an awesome nondescript flavor and really complimented the meat and the egg noodles.

This happened to also be one of my husband's favorite childhood meals. So, a few months ago, we decided to buy a box and have it for dinner. The disgusting stench of the processed flavor powder permeated the apartment and it tasted so awful, we thought they'd changed the formula.

Just a reminder that somethings from childhood, should stay there.

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Meghan said...

i love this post.
My husband thought he loved Lasagna Hamburger Helper... then he had my homeade lasagna...

He can't believe he ate that crap!... much less LOVED IT.

aint evolution grand?