Friday, April 13, 2007

An Open Letter to the Movie Goers of America


Please go to see good movies. How is it that one of the worst reviewed movies EVER, "Are We Done Yet?" was the third highest grossing movies last weekend, while "Grindhouse", came in fourth, under another horrible looking movie, "Blades of Glory"? Haven't we all had enough of a scantily clad Will Ferrell?

Grindhouse performed so poorly at the box office this weekend, that they might pull the films, and release them individually ala Kill Bill. From what I have heard, Grindhouse makes you excited about going to the theater again. I will find out and report back after I see it this Saturday.

Please America, stop settling for crap. If you're going to spend 13 dollars going to see something, at least demand that it be worth your while.

Thank you.

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