Tuesday, March 02, 2010


I'm a little disappointed in the Lost episodes thus far. Here's hoping it improves soon.


今天 said...
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socco-puppetski said...

I really don't see how they are going finish this story in ten more episodes.

And Jack, boy oh boy, do you think the writers are shooting for pathetic?

If I could talk to Jack, I'd be like, "Hey Jack, you neanderthal, why did you have to go and smash the magic light-house glass which probably dated back to antiquity"?

And after I caught my breath from that last sentence, I'd be like, "you know what, Jack"? "You suck"!

For some reason, I just don't like Jack and Kate... but that's my burden.

And this whole paradox thing, or what did they call it, "flash side-ways"?

...Sort of existing in two places simultaneously... Wouldn't Jacob still be alive too?

I confess that I just don't get it, (probably has something to do with my southern accent).


Anonymous said...

Nine more episodes to go. You can bet it wont be nine in a row, either.

I rode this bus before...I can hear it now, "Lost will return in two weeks, stayed tuned for another series staring Christian Slater, that sucks, Forgotten".

They will probably do it at least twice.

And what about ole Jack? I think maybe the writers are starting to come around.

If I could talk to Jack, I'd be like, "Heeey Jack, sorry about all of that neanderthal stuff last week. I realize it isn't totally your fault that the writers have made you so pathetic...up until now anyways".

"While I still think that smashing the lighthouse thingy was a bone-headed move, I am glad to see that you have finally grown a pair".

"At first, I was almost hoping that you would blow yourself up with Ricardus, but then I thought, no, it looks like old Jack is starting to use his head".

"You know what Jack"? "You don't suck as bad as you did last week".

I still don't like Kate.