Thursday, January 13, 2011

1/2 Marathon Training Progress Log #2

Last week, after running 3.5 miles, I noticed that my IT band (a wonderfully difficult to stretch and maintain length of connective leg tissue) had flared up considerably and decided to rest and go to see a sports medicine doctor. I went on Monday, and he informed me that I did have an IT band flare up in my right leg. I was worried this injury was going to sideline me for a while, but they seem pretty confident that with 2 weeks of rest, and a few weeks of physical therapy, I'll be able to get back my training feet.

So, it looks like I'm still on pace to begin 1/2 marathon training the second week in February! I am really glad to not be sidelined and promise to keep working!

Thanks to everyone who has contributed to my Marlene's Mission page so far.


Marathon Training Schedule Scott said...

IT BAND problems are quite painful, but my own experience is they are relatively easy to correct. I hope you where given stretching advice...the idea is standing up put your affected leg slightly in front of your other toes (shoulder width apart and push the pressure of the stretch in an imaginary line from your bellybutton through the outside of your knee and to the floor).. just play with that until you feel the stretch from your knee to your outer hip.
Now listen up DO THIS STRETCH every time you are standing still...on the train, washing the dishes, at the bus it AS MUCH as you can and your problem will be solved in a week.
Good Luck with your February run and you can check out our other advice at

K8teebug said...

Thanks so much for this advice! I have been doing that stretch quite often. A foam roller also seems to help me out quite a bit (I am careful not to go too far down my leg when doing this). They were really pleased with my progress after just one visit, and I'm feeling much better after just 7 days of rest from running.

Thanks again!