Monday, August 15, 2011

Crabcake Wars

This summer, my husband and I have set out on a little journey of sorts for a really awesome crabcake. I read about the one at Koko's Pub, so we thought we would try it.

Turns out, this was the best crabcake I've ever eaten. It was almost a religious eating experience. Huge pieces of lump crab meat held together just enough with a fabulous tasting filler.

A friend recommended Pappas Crabcakes, so we visited there a few weeks ago. Their crabcakes were very good, but were not the awesome experience that Koko's was.

For our little experiment, Koko's wins, but Pappas is also a really fun place. If you're looking for the quintessential Baltimore crabcake, either of these places will satisfy.

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Nate said...

It's hard to find a good crab cake and even harder to find a good blog! Great rambling blog :)