Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Running Apparel

So many of my friends have started running this year. I am so proud of them! Many of them have asked for running gear recommendations. I am of the opinion that, if you can put on a cute outfit, it makes getting out there on the sidewalks and roads easier. Here are some of my favorite cold weather options.

First up, Under Armour Frosty Tights. They are essential for cold weather running. I don't wear shorts over them, but some do. They were recommended to me by my sister years ago and I couldn't run without them!

UA EVO Hoody! I usually wear a long sleeve shirt or tank under this hoody. That's usually good even when it's cold. If it's really cold (below 30), I'll throw a fleece over it.

Newton Running Shoes. I love Newtons. They feel like the shoes I was always meant to have! But, they are not for everyone. I also love their funky colors.

Sweaty Bands. There are many retailers for these. They're ribbon with velvet backing, so you can wear a headband and it won't slip. If you have fine hair like me, these are a must! There are alot of sellers on etsy who also make and sell them.

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