Wednesday, January 10, 2007

The Big Game

Most people think that the Superbowl is the biggest game of the year. But, this year, the biggest game for Ravens fans will take place on Saturday. The "Colts" return to Baltimore, hopefully to get taken down and out of the playoffs for yet another year.

I was born in Baltimore, and lived there until I was 15. I grew up with sports. My favorite memories as a child with my family are of going to Orioles games at Memorial Stadium. Why are they not also of watching football games at Memorial Stadium?

Well, when I was seven, also known as the year 1984, he-who-shall-not-be-named moved the team's possessions and trophies onto Mayflower trucks in the middle of a snowy evening. Thus, taking with him the hopes and dreams of little football fans everywhere.

My family were huge Baltimore Colts fans. We had season tickets, and I love the stories of my next-door neighbor sneaking a flask into the "largest outdoor insane asylum". I used to cuss at Mayflower trucks whenever we saw them on the road, and I still do. When my Aunt Maggie was born, my Grandpa was at home watching "The Greatest Game Ever Played". In his defense, it was their 6th child, and my Grandma pretty much had childbirth down to a science by then.

I once met Johnny Unitas in the parking lot at the Maryland State Fair. He was really nice. Did you know that he refused to recognize the Indianapolis "Colts" as a franchise? I think that's pretty cool.

This weekend, the Ravens will win. Because they have to. For the fans.

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