Friday, May 09, 2008

Favorite Episodes

In anticipation of the release of the Sex and the City movie, I decided I needed a list of my favorite episodes from the series.

Season One -

"Sex and the City" - The pilot, in which we hear Big say for the first time "abso-fucking-lutely"

"Secret Sex" - I think the idea of this one is both mean and funny.

"The Baby Shower" - Pretty much typifies how I feel about going to baby showers.

Season Two -

"Four Women and a Funeral" - good stories in this one

"The Chicken Dance" - This is one of my favorites only because I think the dress Carrie wears to the wedding is awesome.

"La Douleur Exquise" - Always makes me want a fish filet from McDonalds

"Twenty Something Girls vs. Thirty Something Women" - A good friendship episode

"Ex and the City" - I like when they sing in the bar together because I do that alot with my friends.

Season Three -

"No If's, And's, or Butts" - The first Aidan episode.

"The Big Time" - I like the whole Aidan/Big story arc

"Easy Come, Easy Go" - When most straight guys stopped watching the show

"Hot Child in the City" - Silly

Season Four -

"The Real Me" - Me likey.

"Ghost Town" - Probably one of my top two favorite episodes

"Coulda, Woulda, Shoulda" - My other favorite episode

"Change of a Dress" - When the rest of the straight guys stopped watching the show

"I Heart NY" - I want those shoes

Season Five

"Plus One is the Lonliest Number" - The little cakes in this episode are so cute! I like the idea of a plus one instead of a date.

"Critical Condition" - We have all gotten a "face" at some point or another

Season Six -

"Hop, Skip, and a Week" - "For where I am right now, you might as well be a gay guy with Carnations"

"The Post-It Always Sticks Twice" - I like the ice cream scene at the end.

"One" - cute

"An American Girl in Paris - Parts Une and Deux" - The end.


Jen S said...

Hot Child in the City is my FAVORITE episode ever!! Yay!!

Meghan said...


soooo soon!