Wednesday, July 23, 2008

1983 Orioles

Tonight, the 1983 Orioles were honored in a short ceremony before the game at Camden Yards. This team was the first I can remember cheering for as young girl. I got a little teary-eyed as they walked onto the field.

Here's some of my favorite memories of the Orioles when I was a young girl and they played at Memorial Stadium (which was luckily only about a 5 minute drive from my house):

At my school's Halloween party, I went dressed as Herself the Elf. My mom made me elf shoes, and a little wand just like she had. Only problem was no one knew who she was (most people still don't). But, I was voted "most original costume" and the Oriole Bird himself presented me with a gift basket filled with Orioles stuff. It included a T-shirt, a team roster, and some other things that I forget. I was in first grade, after all.

During one of the games of the World Series, most of my family went leaving me at my Nana's house. I was waiting on the back porch for everyone to get back when my Uncle Irv handed me a 1983 World Series hat from the game.

I had an operation on my right ear when I was in preschool. My mom brought me a stuffed Oriole Bird as a present when I was in the hospital. I can remember being super happy that she had gotten it for me.

My Aunt B and Uncle Irv got us front row seats and we went for batting practice. I was almost hit in the face by one of Cal Ripken's fly balls. The pole caught it though.

My mom opened a bank account once to get 4 free O's tickets. They were in the very last row against the brick wall at the top of the upper deck. I remember lots of bees and wondered if we would plummet to our doom because we were up so high. We paid for our Orioles tickets after that.

I loved the sound of people beating the bleachers when the fans would do the "We Will Rock You" cheers.

I grew up loving the Orioles and I still love them. It's funny to me to say that I "love" the Orioles, but I do. I know one day, they will be a great team again.


Julie said...

I too loved "Herself the Elf." I'm jealous your mom made you the elf shoes! I remember being a student at St. Thomas More on McClean when the O's won the world series. The whole school spent a morning dancing and singing and doing cheers on the parking lot. O..R..I..O..L..E..S!!!!!

roopa said...

I like women like yourself who totally love baseball.

I'm also in love with my retro O's cap that I got a few weeks ago (looks just like the one in your picture). Baltimore has made an O's fan of me!

Anonymous said...

lets go O's!!