Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Yummy Cupcakes in Boston

Back to the Boston trip for a second. I promise there is a burger post from the trip, but now I turn to my other food love, cupcakes. I finally had some decent cupcakes that I didn't make myself.

We ventured to Lyndell's Bakery. I read that it's the oldest bakery in the country. It was exactly how I pictured my dream bakery. Beautiful baked goods. So many, in fact, that I wanted to order one of everything in the store. But, I limited myself to a half moon, and three cupcakes. A half moon is kind of like a flattened cupcake pancake with lots of icing on top. I got the chocolate and it reminded me of a cake version of a Berger Cookie.

The cupcakes were all vanilla cake with vanilla, strawberry, and orange/pineapple icing. They were all delicious. A little bit of a bakery flavor to the icing, but not too sweet. The cake was perfectly made.

I am jealous my friends can go here all the time.

I also ate a Mojito Cupcake at Kickass Cupcakes, but I didn't get a good picture of it. A little pricey at 3 bucks a piece, (the Lyndell's ones were only 1.50) but they were still terrific.

Pics from Lyndell's:

The Storefront:

View of the goods:

Cupcake closeup!:

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