Thursday, August 28, 2008


A few weeks ago, my cousin and my friend came over for pizza night (aka every Friday night at my house). I am a COSTCO shopper, and have been getting my canned tomato sauce by the case there for a while, and then doctor it into pizza sauce. My friend and cousin were disappointed in my Contadina selection of sauce. We got into a discussion about how the only pizza sauce to use was Don Pepino.

Having grown up with Don Pepino sauce on my pizza, I decided to try it once more. They were right. It is superior to Contadina. I also got some Cento pizza sauce to try this week, per my friend Meg's recommendation. I'm sure all five of my readers will be interested to know the outcome of this experiment.

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roopa said...

I vote for Don Pepino - his can is the best of the ones you listed!

I haven't made pizza for a few weeks. Sigh.