Monday, June 27, 2011

Burgers I've Eaten - Part 16 - Alewife

Alewife was recently awarded the best burger in Baltimore. When reading reviews, there was some chatter online comparing their burger to that at Hamilton Tavern. Since Hamilton Tavern is my current favorite burger, I was excited to see how Alewife's stacked up to the competition! The answer is....good, but not as good as Hamilton Tavern.

Alewife really piles on the goodies on their smokehouse burger. Bacon, chipotle mayo, lettuce, tomato, gruyere cheese. The beef they use is reportedly from Roseda Farms, and good beef like that doesn't really need dressing up. I actually took most of the bacon off the burger and ate it separately. The bacon itself was very good.

There is something intimidating about getting a burger with a huge steak knife stuck into it. This was a serious burger! I did manage to finish it, but couldn't look at the guy at the bar next to me 10 minutes later when he started eating the same thing. It was alot of food.

Overall, this burger is my #2. A very good burger, but my favorite is still Hamilton Tavern.

The accompanying duck fat fries were also good, but the ones at Victoria Gastropub are better.

Pretty view from the old bank window

Burger and Fries (and beer)

Burger closeup!

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danisteg said...

Good to know...were going to Alewife for my birthday lunch next week!