Friday, April 14, 2006

New Music for Your Listening Pleasure

The new Morrissey album, Ringleader of the Tormentors, is really great. I've heard most of the songs on the album. And, as soon as my husband stops listening to it incessantly in his car and lets me borrow it, I'll comment on the album as a whole. The production is great, and how can you resist Morrissey? (even though you pretend you don't like him, you know you do.)

The Flaming Lips, At War with the Mystics. Not as good as The Soft Bulletin, but it's difficult to improve on perfection. Some people find the "Yeah Yeah Yeah Song" annoying, but that's exactly why it just won't leave my head.

I just saw Martha Wainwright and Neko Case live at the 930 club last weekend. While I don't have either of these albums yet, the live music from them last weekend was fantastic. Some of the best female vocalists I've heard perform in years. You can also listen to the show from the 930 club on NPR's all songs considered at

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