Monday, July 31, 2006

"Improving" Fells Point?

Yesterday, I came across this article in the Baltimore Sun. It talks about the wishes of a developer to "improve" the Broadway in Fells Point by basically taking all the local flavor out of the block and replacing it with Banana Republics and Restoration Hardware stores.

I will be so sad if a bunch of bullshit national chains move to Fells Point. I do all my Christmas shopping at the "ma and pa" stores here and in Hampden. Personally, I like the fact that this part of Baltimore does not look like every other part of America with its Best Buys and Gaps.

Can't we just leave those retailers in the Inner Harbor? Why does America WANT every part of their existence to look the same as their local shopping mall?

This makes me sick, and I really hope it doesn't happen.


eninnej said...

First no crab dip at Friends, and now this. Fells Point is breaking my heart, here.

Lori said...

Oh, I just saw that you had commented on this as well. It's hard to strike a balance, but I hope they do. Most of my neighbors now (almost ALL of the original neighbors from three years ago have left) are all Doctors from Hopkins. The awesome stores have since closed or left. I just hope they can do this without losing the integrity of the hood, Cuz knowing O'malley's strong love for developers, this is inevitable.

K8teebug said...

Actually, I think there a still a ton of awesome stores down there.

Meredith said...

sonics = the shiiiiiiiiiiiiitt!

alabama = shit