Friday, December 15, 2006

Overheard in Baltimore

There's this hilarious website called Overheard in New York where people submit various interactions between people they've overheard. Hence the title...

Last night, I had my own little version of that in Baltimore. I attended an open house for a gym with my friends. This was not your grandmother's open house. There was tons of free food and beer. Yes, beer. Specifically Christmas Ale from the Wharf Rat, which is quite good this year, I might add. The Ravens Cheerleaders were there and so were some bellydancers. I'm not quite sure how belly dancers fit into this event, but they were there nonetheless.

There was this guy walking around who was dressed kind of like the question mark man. Come to think of it, it might have been him, only in a beige blazer and fake Burberry plaid pants.

The DJ started playing this song and a bunch of people got up to line dance to it. A majority of these people were African American. The plaid pants wearing question mark man look alike turned to his friend and said "Look, there's a whole herd of them out there."

It was the most racist thing I've ever heard in public. The guy kept talking (loudly) to his friend...but after that "statement", I didn't hear anymore.

So, I am officially starting "Overheard in Baltimore". For all of my 20 readers (I think I might actually be up to 20 now) 'em here.

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scott said...

I'm trying like hell remember the name of the book dealing in Baltimore overheard things. I have a copy of it somewhere..."I Keee You" I think that's it. I bought it at Atomic Books a couple of years ago.