Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Kitchen Wish List and Tips

I spent most of this holiday weekend either preparing, eating, or thinking about food. May I just say that Wegman's is the best grocery store ever. Quality baked goods and meats at affordable prices. Thank you Wegman's store inventor. Thank you.

I also was reading my new cookbook, "The Best New Recipes". It was written by the people who write Cook's Illustrated Magazine and also produce the show, "America's Test Kitchen" for PBS.

While reading through this book, I realize there are still a few things I would eventually like to have in my kitchen. I also understand that this goes against my previous post about the minimalist kitchen, but not really. They are the following:

- A dutch oven, preferablly 6 quart
- An instant read thermometer
- A roasting pan with a V-rack
- Ramekins
- A large frying pan (not non-stick)

This cookbook is an education. I read through a fair amount of the book this weekend and have already discovered these helpful hints:

- When hulling strawberries or pitting cherries, use a drinking straw. It really worked for the cherries I pitted last night.

- When measuring shortening, line the measuring cup with plastic wrap, and then simply lift the shortening out of it.

- If placing flour into a standing mixer, cover it with a towel to keep the flour from gracing your countertops when you turn on the mixer.

Those were my favorite helpful hints. I'll let you know about more as I think of them.


Jennine said...

That tip about measuring shortening is brilliant. It would work for peanut butter, too, which just made clean-up after making my favorite peanut butter cookies a million times easier.

Here's a little something for you:

Meghan said...

Some thoughts
- A dutch oven, preferablly 6 quart- got one and totally agree its valuable for a cook

- A large frying pan (not non-stick)- what about a cast iron skillet?

Additionally, your purple mixer should come with that gard so you dont need a towl to protect your counter from flour power.

Another thing I like to do when measuring (when I have to measure) things like PB or honey is to spray with bakers spray on the inside of your measuring cup. Stuff comes pouring out no problems!