Friday, May 11, 2007

New Painting

I love to knit and paint (and play the piano when I'm around one). I've been painting since I was old enough to fingerpaint on my little picnic table. When I was in college, I painted alot of nature type subjects. I decided to take painting classes again, but wanted to get away from painting flowers all the time.

Enter my cd collages. I had been in a frenzy of making cd covers for the Christmas mixes for my friends. My husband suggested that I start painting my collages to help me start on a new path. I'm not the most prolific painter in the world, but I have made two pretty successful ones so far. Above will be my next project. I'm going to delete Superman out of it because I think it will look more interesting without him (also, I don't feel like painting him. This one is going to be difficult enough)

Below are my other two endeavors. I'm pretty proud of them. They've encouraged me to paint people more often, which I had never really done before.

"Not something the eye sees"


I promise to keep my five readers updated on this latest endeavor. I haven't given up on my cupcake paintings,either. I figure they'll be a nice break from this latest one, when I need it. I finished another cupcake last night, as a matter of fact!


Meghan said...

keep up the painting! i think you have a lot of talent!

Anonymous said...

I can't wait till I have time to get back into painting. I feel like all of my goals lately are tempered by the disclaimer: "After the move."

I'm sure you can relate.