Thursday, May 24, 2007

Through the Looking Glass

The season finale of Lost aired last night. I find that I've been thinking about it all morning. Maybe it's because the makeup department did such a shitty job on Jack's beard, or because I can't figure out for sure who the hell was in the coffin, but they are taking this show in a different direction now. Things noticed/observed on message boards:

-The name of the funeral parlor was an anagram for "flash forward"
-Jack really crumpled up that obituary
-The symbol for the looking glass station is a bunny
-Kate wears alot of makeup in the present. It's like she's making up for not being able to wear it on the island.

My thoughts for the future:

-The boat was sent by Penny's Dad and includes original DHARMA members who are coming back to the island to reclaim it and kill the "natives".
-Kate was with Sawyer in the future. I'm guessing Jack did something to push her away.
-Jack's Dad is still dead, he was just to hopped up on pills to remember.
-Ben or Michael was the person in the coffin.
-Walt was still on the island.
-Locke doesn't leave the island.

I'm hoping that next season (which isn't for nine long months), they'll come back to the Libby story.

While I still think that the first season of Lost was the best, I have to admit to being intrigued by this season. I'm really liking the Alice in Wonderland angle. They won me back a little last night, and definitely did a good job playing the old switcheroo.

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