Thursday, June 07, 2007

The Today Show Sucks

Every once in a while, I watch the Today show to remind myself that I hate network news. This morning, I wanted to see Bob Barker talk about his last Price is Right taping, and saw yet another piece about how Americans are offended about something that is hilarious. Apparently, this video is offensive to most Americans. I'm sure cool people have been watching this for weeks, but my husband just showed it to me last night. And, it's one of the funniest things I've seen since Louis CK.

Take a chill pill America and network media. This shit is hilarious.


Anonymous said...

that was freaking HILARIOUS.

Anonymous said...

I used to just change the channed when "Dr. Nancy Snyderman" came on. If you wanna know what she thinks, just check the AMA position. She will spout it. Then they brought the Bush girl on.. Maybe to appear fair and unbiased? She's a teacher who should be in class teaching if she is serious about it.
Where in the hell is Matt Lauer? Who gives a ? That's not news. I don't wanna watch an aging pompous jerk visit exotic locations..
You know he is probably one of those prima donnas who gives his staff hell as soon as cameras stop rolling.
Ann Curry used to try to be a serious reported, now she's a Meredith wannbe? Dressing as Katherine Middleton for Halloween to Matt's Prince William?
These people need to come down off their perches about ten notches or so.
Now I find myself changing the channel for so many of the segments, it's not use to even turn on the Today show.
I give up. I will switch to another morning show just so I don't have to look at this pretenders.
Ahh. That felt better, thanks!:D

John from ohio said...

Get rid of Matt Lauer not Ms Curry. What is it about NBC (National boys club) Mr. Lauer doesn't like when woman out shine his crappy reporting. and wha reporting. Where in the world is Matt Lauer. ( WHO CARES) what a waste. Wherever Ms Curry goes next I will watch.. Today show is band in my home forever. NBC goodbye.