Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Fall Music Suprise!

If you go to
this site you should easily be able to find your way to the checkout for a digital download of Radiohead's newest album. This was all a surprise because they were apparently not releasing this album until next year, and you can name your own price for the download. They are releasing it themselves for now, without a record company.

Having read a little commentary on the "name your own price" idea, I'm surprised that so many people actually paid money for it. Yes, I have ordered my copy, and I chose to get it for free. I still like having cd's and records to hold in my hands, so I thought I'd get the cd later.

Is no one else in this boat with me? Am I the only one who was excited to get something for free for once?

I have probably given radiohead about 300-400 dollars of my money in the form of concerts, posters, and other albums bought. So, I'm not feeling particularly guilty about this one.

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Meghan said...

i thought this was an interesting concept although i wasnt sure why they were doing it!