Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Rachel Ray

If I cooked the stuff she makes on her show, I'd be divorced. Does she even know how to cook anything other than onions, peppers, and spices sauteed in extra virgin olive oil, then poured over some sort of pan seared meat that has finished baking in the oven? It seems like every recipe she makes is some sort of variation on this theme.

Last night, I saw her take pork chops right out of the package and put them in a pan for searing. She didn't even rinse them off first! Gross. I have also heard tales of her using beans straight out of the can. She also does not wash her hands in this episode...ever.

I have heard that her recipes cannot be made in 30 minutes. I wouldn't know because I would never made this slop for dinner. I actually saw her crumbling up cornbread and then stirring it into a pan with other ingredients. Was this supposed to be a side dish? It was ugly.

I do not have enough time to discuss her overall personality and her crazy voice. I will say that I can only tolerate to see her show in mute while someone else is watching it on their little tv at the gym.

Watching her show at the gym is probably good motivation for eating a really nice salad for dinner.

I have heard that she does not know how to bake. How can someone with about 4 or 5 shows about food not know how to bake? She says it's because she doesn't know how to measure.

My friend said that on her 40 dollar a day show, she would eat dinner and not tip the servers, to keep with her 40 dollar a day budget. Isn't she totally loaded? Why is she teaching people that it's okay to not tip, or to hardly tip (in my world, that would be less than 25%)?

In conclusion, Rachel Ray cannot cook, she is teaching people it's okay to feed your family slop every night for dinner, she does not tip. If this is how pissed off I get after seeing her show on mute while someone else is watching it at the gym, I would not like to see my reaction if someone made me actually watch any of her shows for real.


Meghan said...

a few things:

1) i agree

2) on $40 a day she would always show something like $9.00 for lunch and "with tax and tip" its 10.24! WTF? That's insane! i know a lot of people who got turned off by her for that!

3) can you say EVOO? my hub wants to scratch his ear drums out everytime she says that.

roopa said...

My mom and I get SO pissed about her horrible tipping. She tips BARELY 18%, but she always leaves some odd value like $1.42 instead of something normal. What a cheapskate!

And if she just said she doesn't like to bake it would be fine. But she acts like she can't and is then all proud of her boxed mix cake with ice cream on top. Bitch, that ain't dessert! I can't believe she gets PAID to tell me to make something out of packages!

Also, see my rant here - I think you'll appreciate it.

roopa said...

Have you seen that they're now making a Rachael Ray branded GARBAGE BOWL???? It's a melamine bowl that has a granite pattern.

Are you f***ing kidding me???????????

Clearly the people who worship her are too stupid to understand that you can use ANY BOWL in your kitchen as a garbage bowl. This is a new level of stupidity. Wow.

Meri said...

As someone who loves to bake but not really cook, I really like the simpleness of her cooking. I agree, some of her recipes make me want to hurl, but that is every chef. She is not meant for everyone, she is meant for people who don't LOVE to cook or have the time to prepare gourmet meals. She is meant for busy parents who want to put kid friendly meals on the table in a small amount of time or busy adults who just don't want to spend hours cooking when they get home from work. Its much better than running to the local fast food joint.

And as for her no baking, they say people who love to cook don't care for baking and vice versa. I am the vice versa- i'd steer clear of cooking any day of the week but you can't get me out of the kitchen when it comes to baking. You really should give her a chance. She's not that bad.

I do agree with you about her tipping though. It makes me cringe.

And the garbage bowl is brilliant sales and marketing. She has a real following and people will just buy it cause they love her. Of course you can use any bowl, heck I use an a platic grocery bag, but its a cute gift for the person who has everything. you know?

K8teebug said...

But there are kid friendly meals that don't look like what she cooks. The stuff on Everyday Italian is just as simple, and always looks appetizing.

I gave her a chance. I have watched her show numerous times. I can't take it anymore.

She doesn't like to measure, I don't like to watch her.

And I don't consider her a real cook, either.

K,E & C said...

as a mom, I hope i never feed my kid her slop either. Some of it looks good, but I prefer simple recipies that don't coat the food in fat or cheese.

That tipping thing is just WRONG!

Anonymous said...