Tuesday, October 21, 2008


I know it will be a while before Lost returns to the airwaves, but some information is starting to leak about season 5. This is my favorite so far (don't worry, I won't post spoilers here)

We will come to learn that one of the following is true in Lost's fifth season premiere. A. The Island moved forward in time. B. The Island moved backward in time. C. The Island did not move in time, but it did move in space -- to another location on the planet. D. The Island did not move in time or space -- it's still there, but Dharma tech renders it invisible to the naked eye. Source: The Ausiello Files

I also wanted to send out kudos to my friends who got all caught up on the series over the summer!

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danisteg said...

Gary keeps sending me little Lost spoilers...I cant wait until its back on!!