Thursday, October 23, 2008

New Favorite Store

You know you're getting older when you feel like all the clothes in your closet need to go. I am trying to abandon my previously frumpy ways and move towards a more tailored look. My problem has been mostly that the clothing in stores like Ann Taylor still seems too old to me, and the prices at JCrew as of late have pretty much made their clothes not affordable anymore. (I'll save my rant of high prices and decreasing quality at JCrew for another time).

Enter Martin+Osa. They are the latest store from the Aberslutty/American Eagle Brand. Their clothes are wonderful. Plain, simple, and pretty. I realize that I'm being marketed to here, and I don't care. These clothes are made for those of us wanting to shed our college thrift store clothes for something just a little more refined.

Visit their website here.

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