Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Yesterday, I went to The Snowball Stand in Howard County for my first snowball of the season. Snowballs, as far as I know, are a distinctly Maryland treat. I grew up in Baltimore, and there were snowballs stands everywhere. My friend in middle school even ran her own out of her grandfather's garage! On the Fourth of July, my Aunt would sit on the back porch and hand shave ice so everyone could have a snowball.

There are different styles of ice in a snowball now, but I think that a traditional one is just shaved, slightly chunky ice. Cover with your favorite sugary syrup flavor, and you have a snowball.

I have always been a fan of marshmallow topping for snowballs. In my opinion, the more, the better. Some snowball stands are really cheap with their marshmallow toppings. But, not the snowball stand!

Personally, I think Egg Custard is the best snowball flavor. It's difficult for me to order any other. But, before Egg Custard, I was also a fan of Cherry, Skylight, Spearmint, Ice Cream, and Vanilla.

If you're in Howard County feel like picking up a sugary, gooey snowball for yourself, The Snowball Stand is located at the corner of Route 99 and Woodstock Road.


Anonymous said...

God that marshmallow looks sooooo goood.

Kate said...

I didn't know snowballs were a strictly MD thing! But I guess everyone looks at me like I'm a freak show when I mention it, so... And egg custard is my fave too.