Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Burgers I've Eaten - Part 14 - Sunshine General Store

This weekend, we took a little trip up the road to a place recommended by my husband's co-worker for burgers. The place? Sunshine General Store. Let's be clear. This is not somewhere you'd take a girl (or guy) for a romantic first date. But, if said girl or guy is into huge, 1/2 pound, very tasty burgers, you might want to consider it. Sure, this place could use a good cleaning, but the grime is part of its charm.

And the burgers are no joke.

These are a generous 1/2 pound, well done burgers served on a roll that was perfectly toasted on the grill. Toppings range from tomatoes to fried onions, but I'm a simple girl, and just got cheese, lettuce, and mayo.

For a burger under 7 dollars, this is the place. I don't think I'll go to Five Guys ever again.

Sunshine General store is located at:

22300 Georgia Avenue
Brookeville, MD 20833

Don't forget to stop by the ATM before visiting. They do not take credit cards.

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