Thursday, January 19, 2006


I have to admit, I am a huge fan of the television show, Lost. Not since Twin Peaks have I looked forward to turning on the old "tube" every Wednesday night to see the latest installment of those stranded on mystery island. (Actually, Twin Peaks came on Thursday night, if I recall correctly)

Now I know that most of these questions are currently being discussed on various message boards, and my observations seem elementary to those who read these boards frequently. But, I just need to get these out of my head and onto paper (or computer screen, as the case may be).

Here are some of my questions about the show. I am trying to keep a running list:

1. How is Locke able to walk? Is he being controlled by the "others" on the island?
2. Why was Rose's husband in the bathroom and found in a tree buckled into a seat?
3. What happened to Desmond's partner? In fact, where is Desmond?
4. Why was Ethan Rom so freaky looking?
5. Was there even a plane crash? Or were they all programmed into thinking there was a crash?
6. How did the French Woman's boat crash on shore, and yet is currently located about 2 miles inland?
7. Is Walt being kept in an underwater tank?
8. How did Michael gain so much weight by eating fruit and fish for two months?
9. Will Charlie use Heroin again?
10. What's the deal with the computers?
11. Why does the scientist guy look so angry in the sections of spliced film in the "Orientation" video?
12. Were the man and woman on the boat the same people pictured as the scientists in the Orientation video?
13. What is the black smoke security system thing and how does it read people's memories? (i.e. the faces in it)
14. Are the French Woman and Desmond merely people planted there by the "others"?
15. When did Jack get all the tattoos? In the flashback in the episode aired 1/18, he did not have them.
16. Does this show take place in the future?

Other Observations:

1. Everyone on the show has a history of some sort of broken relationship. Everyone except Bernard and Rose (that we know of anyway).
2. Both the hatch and the place where the tailies' were hanging out read "Quarantine" on the door.
3. Many things have crashed on this island. I'm guessing more than your regular run-of-the-mill island.
4. The "others" like to steal children.
5. A crapload of people survived this "crash" without much injury.
6. The "others" seem to have constructed defenses on the island like the "security system" and some invisible force field as seen in last night's episode.
7. Locke seems to have insight to the island that most people don't have (Re: vision about Boone's death, and subsequent ability to walk again)
8. There is a huge electromagnetic force around the hatch.
9. Those damn numbers are seen everywhere.
10. In Season 1, there was alot of running through the jungle by the characters. This season, there hasn't been as much running.
11. The date on the xray shown in the episode aired 1/18 read November 16, 2005.

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paige3girl said...

Aongus bought me Season 1 for my bday. I am not sure I will like it though? I was actually considering returning it... will I really like it?