Thursday, August 17, 2006

Who's Your Pick For Project Runway?

I am typically not a fan of reality television. But, my friend Louella in Chicago suggested that I give this show a shot last season. Now, I am hooked. I am also finding out that as I discuss this show in bars with my friends, that the people around us start talking about it too. So, who are your picks?

So far, mine are Michael and Kayne. I was hoping that the 3rd finalist would be Allison, but she was kicked off last night. So, she's "out".

I am also hoping that bare chested Laura and insane Vincent get kicked off as soon as possible. Not to mention the ever annoying Angela.

Am I the only person who saw Laura's nipple getting crushed by her dress as she yelled at Vincent last night? It was gross.


Meredith said...

oooh i can't believe i missed this post! this show is the best show ... WHEN i catch it on wednesdays i must spend like.. 5 hours on thursdays reading peoples blogs about it (kinda like we did for lost ;) )

I can't stand laura but i loved that she yelled at vincent. i've hated him from the getgo and was SHOCKED he didn't get kicked off last week. so was ian. i've always liked allison's stuff and thought it was ctrappy she got kicked off for a stupid project to begin with and for messing up once. i think uli will be one of the finalist if not the winner. i used to like robert a lot but not so so much anymore. laura's stuff all seems the same to me.

lell said...

very exciting that i'm mentioned in this post. i feel i must respond...

first, was anyone as creeped out as i was when vincent kept raving about how much he loved his dress by saying, "it gets me off"??? ewww. how he has managed to skate by each time without getting auf'd is unreal.

anyway, to answer your question, michael's my pick. he's been consistently great.