Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Enchanted Forest

If you grew up in the Baltimore in the 1980's, chances are your parents took you to The Enchanted Forest. It was this awesome amusement parks for kids with attractions based on nursery rhymes and fairy tales.

The park has since been turned into a shopping center, but there's still hope for The Enchanted Forest. Clark's Elioak Farm has been restoring all of the attractions for the past few years. It makes me so happy to know that someone is taking care of them. I remember feeling very sad when I read an article on the deterioration of The Enchanted Forest about 10 years ago in the Baltimore City Paper.

The Baltimore Sun wrote an article about the restoration of the attractions from the Enchanted Forest today. Read it here.


Meri said...

Ha, i never knew that place was an amusement park.
I understand your sadness about it being gone. I grew up going to Nunley's Amusement Park on Long Island, just like my dad. It closed in 1995 and is now a Pep Boys Auto Store:( The best part was the carousel, which has been sitting in storage for years and is apparently being restored to move to a new site- so exciting!!!

Here is some interesting info if you care to read:

Meghan said...

i looooooooooved this place!