Friday, April 18, 2008

Flag Pin

The other night at the democratic debate, some woman asked Barack Obama why he doesn't wear a flag pin.

I personally could care less if he wears a flag pin in his lapel or not. Since when does wearing this stupid flag pin mean that you're the biggest patriot in the room? Who cares if he chooses not to wear one?

This outward display of patriotism is old and tired. Flag pins, flag stickers on cars (most of which are displayed improperly, might I add), ribbons everywhere. What ever happened to proudly displaying your flag in front of your house on the 4th of July. Remember when that used to be enough?

It's fine with me if someone wants to vote for another candidate, just don't vote against a candidate simply because he believes patriotism is about more than wearing a stupid piece of enameled metal made in China.

For additional information regarding the woman who asked this question of Obama at the debate, please refer to this article.

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Jen S said...

I was at the grocery store the other day (Shoppers, to be more specific) and, for some bizarre reason, they were selling onesies (you know, for infants?) that had "I love my country!" printed on them. For laughs, I checked the tag...yep, made in China. I had a good laugh thinking about somebody's screaming baby barfing all over it, until I realized that the decal was probably silk screened on with lead paint.
Just wanted to share.