Thursday, June 19, 2008

How Did I Not Know About This Awesome Stuff?

First, they are making a movie of one of my favorite books from childhood, Where the Wild Things Are. Spike Jones and Dave Eggers wrote the script, and Spike Jones is directing it. They've been having some problems b/c of the stupid Speed Racer movie, but hopefully, it will be out sometime this year.

Here's an article, if you're interested.

Also, Tori Amos' song lyrics have been illustrated and are coming out in a huge comic book called, "Comic Book Tattoo". It releases at the end of July. Pre-order it now on amazon.

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Jennine said...

How did I not tell you that I know a guy who worked on set building (and designed the super-awesome t-shirts the crew got at the end of production) in Melbourne? I have to see the movie if only to see his name whiz by in blurry type on the big screen. Shall we make it a date?