Monday, June 30, 2008

Strawberry Shortcake

No, not the rad toy from the 1980's (please don't get me started on the pitiful remakes), the dessert!

This weekend, I made strawberry shortcake, from the America's Best New Recipes cookbook. They came out even better than I hoped they would. Here's a little photo montage...

Hulled Berries ready for mashing and slicing (it made me a little sad to mash them)

Shortcake is on the parchment paper!

For some reason, I like taking pictures of the tools I used to make things, even if they are messy

Shortcake is out of the oven!

Whipped Cream is made and the Strawberry Shortcake is ready to eat!


Anonymous said...

oooh I want some!!

roopa said...

Me too!!!

Meri said...

this is my favorite!!! mmmmmmmm

Meghan said...