Tuesday, April 12, 2011

NYC Eats - The Spotted Pig

Our second stop of the day was the Spotted Pig. We got there at the totally senior citizen hour of 4:30 for drinks, and decided to eat an early supper when they started to serve their full menu at 5:30 (we had a show to get to, hence the early dining hour). My lovely cousin met us there to hang out with us, which was awesome.

I didn't take pictures of our drinks, but I loved them. My friend objected to putting bitters in a Tom Collins, so I got to finish hers. At 5:30, we were seated upstairs. I'm glad we went early because by 5:30, the wait for dinner was already one hour. Go here early, folks. This place is small and crowded.

We started with a plate of Gnudi, otherwise known as little pockets of cheese heaven. I could have had 3 plates of this for dinner and been satisfied. Amazing.

I went for the burger, which was supposed to be one of the best. It was definitely good, but super salty! Most of their food was salty, my friend couldn't even finish her pretty scallops. The fries were the real star on this plate, with awesome fried rosemary. Just perfect!!!!

Too Salty, but pretty scallops

Burger and Fries


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Lucie said...

Those fries look like heaven!!!