Tuesday, February 13, 2007

The Greatest Song of All Time?

According to the listeners of WTMD, the greatest song of all time is "Imagine" by John Lennon.

Really? I can't believe that this is the song that got the most votes. I disagree. I also disagree with alot of those in the top 50 (Mainly "Hotel California", which is on my list of songs I never want to hear ever again).

Bob Dylan has a bunch of songs in the top 50. So that's nice.

See the list for yourself here.


Steve said...

That's the great thing about this countdown! It was voted on by listeners to WTMD. Thousands of votes were cast and we were pretty surprised by a lot what we saw.

I think the thing to keep in mind is that we are now in era where the younger folks are truly interested in learning about the music from 30 or more years ago.

Steve From WTMD

K8teebug said...

Thank you for encouraging me to feel positive about these things. I guess I should be glad the #1 song was not something by an American Idol "winner".

AlisaBS said...

I'm so glad you hate Hotel California as much as I do. I've never understood its popularity.

Julie said...

Dave and I were also listening to the countdown. Around song 7 I called "Imagine" as the number one song. It wouldn't be my number one either.... but it was better than "Stairway to Heaven" being number one, don't you think? The whole countdown was fun to listen to. It was the best "pludge" drive I've ever witnessesd.