Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Travels - Omaha Edition

I bet all of my five readers thought I had disappeared. Well, I'm back! I've been travelling those lesser known states of Nebraska, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Missouri, and a little bit of Texas. Here's the first edition.

Omaha, Nebraska:

Thanks to Louella for sending me the article about Omaha from the Bust magazine that I so carelessly threw out in a cleaning fit. I went to a bunch of places mentioned in the article. The thrift stores there are pretty cheap, and I found some cute skirts!

I went to M's Pub for lunch, which was really yummy. They have this flat bread pizza creation that's cheap and just what I wanted. For dinner, I went to a great Thai place downtown. It wasn't fancy, but the food was cheap and terrific! I also stopped into Ted and Wally's for a little ice cream. They make their own there and it resembles ice milk, which is great because I can't find that in the stores anymore. I loved ice milk.

The second day, I went to this cute French Bakery. I don't recall the name of it now. They have excellent quiche, potato salad, and yummy french butter cookies. All for around 7 bucks! Can't beat that.

There's also a great record store there called Antiquarium records, where I found a bunch of vinyl, including some Brainiac, which was nice.

Did I mention that you can get Fat Tire in Nebraska? Definitely an added bonus. Pubs visited included Mr. Toads, and this awesome little Irish pub near the record store. Omaha has a law where you can smoke indoors if they don't serve food. I thought that was interesting.

No Jenny Lewis sightings. Maybe next time.


Chris said...

Omaha, isn't that somewhere in middle America? Did you get right to the heart of matters? You know, it's the heart that matters more. Did you turn your ticket in, and get your money back at the door.

Jennine said...

Welcome back! I hope you're not off traveling again anytime too soon - I'm back in Baltimore from the 25th to the 2nd or 3rd of March, and I want to see you!