Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Texarkana, Texas

I should begin by saying that I was very excited to travel to Texarkana. Mostly because I really like the R.E.M. song of the same title. I was suprised to learn that Texarkana borders Arkansas so closely, that the right side of main street is Arkansas, and the left side is Texas. Half of the office building I visited was located in Arkansas, and the other half was in Texas. Weird!

The best thing about Texarkana was the Dixie Diner. I asked our server if their meatloaf was good, and she said "if you like stewed tomatoes, green peppers, and onions, it is". That was all she had to say. The meatloaf arrived on a plate. It was the size of the plate. It weighed 1.5 pounds, easy. It was smothered in wonderfully sweet stewed tomatoes. I cannot tell you how amazing this tasted. It came with green beans and bacon and mashed potatoes. I ate all of it. Then, I had a piece of chocolate pie with a generous heaping of whipped cream on top. And all for about nine dollars. Amazing.

So, if you're travelling to Texarkana, do not drive past Dixie Diner without stopping in...at least for some pie.

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