Thursday, February 08, 2007

Travels - Arkansas Edition

Arkansas, Arkansas, what can I say about Arkansas? I went to Jonesboro, Pine Bluff, Fayetteville, Fort Smith, Hot Springs, and Little Rock (and drove throught the towns in between, of course).

Arkansas is the birthplace and childhood home of President Clinton. I happened to see both towns. The Duck and Rice Capitol of the World is located in Stuttgart. Interesting place. Lots of snow geese there this time of year. And when I say lots, I mean that the fields were white...with birds. The drive from there to Pine Bluff smelled horrifically like sewer gas(aka swampland) and was not pleasant. That night, we stayed in the Pine Bluff Mall. The Holiday Inn Express was located in the mall parking lot. Very strange.

The food in Arkansas is not good. Maybe I just didn't know where to go. My roadfood book only covered towns we either didn't travel to, or weren't there at meal time. I was happy when I saw a TGI Fridays. Those who know me, know I can't stand that food. If you ever go to Pine Bluff Mall, DO NOT eat at the Garfields restaurant. Even though it says it's been voted best restaurant for the past 3 years. It is not. It's terrible. There is a good steak place in Little Rock called chimichuri's or something like that. It's in the Peabody hotel. Just don't order Guiness there. My was rancid and I had to send it back. Then, my waiter was an asshole to me for the rest of the time. But, I would probably be an asshole too if I had to live in Arkansas.

I also encountered a dry town, Jonesboro, Arkansas, which frightened me. What do you do when you can't drink beer? Well, in Arkansas, apparently you worship Jesus.

Jesus was everywhere. On hillsides (as pictured above) and in the churches located about five feet apart from one another. It was scary.

I guess Arkansas just wasn't my favorite state. The Ozarks were pretty, but it was snowing, and the plows just aren't what they are on the east coast there. If you have to pass through, hold your nose through Stuttgart.

Finally, I will have to say that I got a really awesome cheesy snowglobe at the airport. It's the Clinton Presidential Center. Not the Library...the center. It has blue and red stars in it. It's rad ass.


Nichole said...

hey boo- the mitten looks beautiful! Can't wait to look super cute in my winter ensemble.
xoxo n

Anonymous said...

Interesting read. I've lived all over the country and travelled the world. Those of us that continue to visit or live here in Arkansas love our natural state. The thing/places you decided to visit and report on are the same places, for the most part, that we avoid. You missed all the good stuff. Too bad! Don't come back anyway. We don't need you here!

K8teebug said...

I don't think you have to worry about that one, my dear anonymous poster.