Thursday, March 06, 2008

An Open Letter to David Edelstein

(Have you ever had one of those friends who ruins a movie for you when you ask them for a summary of the plot? That's David Edelstein.)

Dear Mr. Edelstein,

I am writing to thank you for your in-depth movie reivews. Thanks to your ability to boil any plot down to a few minute synopsis, I never have to see these films. I really appreciate that time you told me that something really bad happened in "Million Dollar Baby" or blurted out the ending to any movie you've ever reviewed.

I also love when I try to avoid your reviews by not reading them, only to have the movie spoiled in your review headline.

I encourage you to shadow Kenneth Turan for a week. He can review a movie without telling everyone all its plot points.



(David Edelstein reviews movies for NY Magazine, Fresh Air with Terry Gross, and sometimes, CBS Sunday Morning. Avoid his reviews unless you like to know everything about a film before you see it)

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jen said...

hahah. this is so true!jim and i turn off the tv/radio the moment we hear his voice to prevent him from ruining plots.