Monday, December 17, 2007

Favorite Albums of 2007 (and some disappointing ones)

I now present to you my favorite albums of 2007:

Modest Mouse - We Were Dead Before the Ship Even Sank

After their last album, I didn't have super high hopes for this one, but it surprised me and I couldn't stop listening to it after I first bought it.

M.I.A. - Kala

Yummy dance tunes that are also good for running. "Paper Planes" is one of my favorite songs of the year.

Spoon - Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga

This is a really nice collection of pop tunes.

Les Savy Fav - Let's Stay Friends

Saving Rock and Roll in America

Radiohead - In Rainbows

One of the most beautiful albums I've ever heard.

Albums I liked, but didn't make the top:

Nine Inch Nails - Year Zero

because I heart Trent Reznor. Survivalism is one of the best songs he's written in a long time.

LCD Soundsystem - Sound of Silver

"North American Scum" is one of my favorite singles of 2007

Wilco - Sky Blue Sky

A pretty summer album, but a kind of boring Wilco record. Still, it's nice.

Albums I've heard and liked, but have yet to buy:

Iron and Wine - The Shepard's Dog
Liars - Mute
Beirut - The Flying Club Cup

Disappointing Albums of 2007:

Arcade Fire - Neon Bible

Sounded like it was produced in a water tank. Some of the songs are good, but the sound is so awfully muffled that it's distracting.

The Shins - Wincing the Night Away

Sounds too blah. I am willing to give this one another shot though.

Bjork - Volta

Loved "Earth Intruders". The rest of the album was only kind of interesting though.

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roopa said...

Wincing The Night Away is so good! Give it another chance. Sea Legs, Australia, and Phantom Limb are standouts.