Tuesday, December 11, 2007


One of my first blog posts ever was about my sadness at having an artificial tree for the holiday season. Last night, my husband and I finally bought a real tree for our new house. He is the cutest, scrawniest Charlie Brown tree.

Our living room smells like pine, and it's awesome.

A note to my readers: LED lights will hurt your eyes and burn your retinas in a most unappealing way. Stay away from them.

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roopa said...

Hooray for real trees! I just got my tree on Sunday after a long search for a tiny tree. I always get the small tree in a pot, but this year Whole Foods (from where I got my tree last year) only had rosemary topiaries, which sent me on a tree hunt around the city.

But I found an adorable 1.5' Fraser fir in a tiny stand at the Giant on 41st St. in Hampden. I put white lights on it and a silver beaded garland on it and it is so cute and it makes me happy. But my apartment doesn't smell pine-y. Oh well.

I think my brother proposed to his girlfriend but I can't post that on my blog because I know he reads my blog but he doesn't know that I know, and I just had to tell someone. You're the first one!