Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Not Quite a Top Ten of 2007

I am embarassed to say that I did not go to 10 shows this year. Normally, I average about 3 shows per month in a calendar year. This year, I decided to save my money and only go to the shows I really had to see. This meant that all shows I attended were awesome, so they all make the list. They were as follows (in no particular order):

Wilco at Merriweather
Tori Amos at Constitution Hall
Morrissey at Constitution Hall
Magnolia Electric Company at the Black Cat

Sure, there were tons of shows I'd like to have gone to this year, but having a house is more fun.

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roopa said...

I was just thinking the same thing! When I lived in NYC, I went to one a week, and I've been to one every 3 months since I've been here. Sad!