Thursday, December 06, 2007

Tough One

Monday night, the Ravens played the Patriots in what everyone was predicting would be a game of catch between Tom Brady and Randy Moss. But, the Ravens came out on the field that night to play football, and to show the Patriots who's boss.

Which they did, for 3.75 quarters. Kyle Boller showed up Tom Brady by surpassing his numbers for the night. He played what some will say the best game of his career so far, and endeared himself to the doubting Ravens' fans and sportscasters who hadn't even mentioned him during the pre-game show. The offensive line for the Ravens held strong and allowed McGahee to run all over the Patriots defense. The Ravens even scored some offensive points! Things were looking up for the Ravens. In fact, it looked as if they might actually defeat the unbeaten Patriots.

Towards the end of the fourth quarter, things began to fall apart. Two key plays for me made the difference in the game. The first was the sideline timeout call by Rex Reed. I did not know that only a head coach can call a sideline timeout. How appropriate that the whistle was not blown until the ball had been snapped and the Ravens had stopped the Patriots on fourth and one. The refs said they didn't have time to turn around and see who called the timeout. Isn't this their JOB?

The second play was the "touchdown" at the end of the game by the Patriots. The receiver clearly was not holding onto the ball. The refs wanted the Patriots to score a touchdown and beat the four and seven Ravens, so they did.

Not to mention the ref calling our player "boy". I know Bart Scott shouldn't have reacted the way he did, but there would have been nothing to react to if this hadn't had been taking place.

The Patriots may have beaten the Ravens score, but I think we should be proud of our team. They pressured Tom Brady, sacked him, and made him look like a sissy on the field. He was even throwing little temper tantrums on the sideline. They showed the rest of the NFL teams that the Patriots are vulnerable. They let the sportscasters know that the Ravens can still play football.

Now it's up to you Steelers. You can do it!

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