Thursday, December 20, 2007


There is an awesome website called Found Magazine, where people send in various items they found which might be of interest to those of us who like snippets into strangers' lives. Today, I finally found a good one. Normally, I just find grocery store lists and stuff like that.

Here's the note I found in my parking lot at work (I am keeping the incorrect spelling and missed punctuation):


I don't know what caused the fight -- it doesn't matter. I don't know what you expected from me in 1 day. You have given me absolutely no choice. Production is closed at US Water mattress until Jan 3. I cant controll that. You don't want me driving. Fine. You don't want me sitting at the house. What am I do do? You say you will resent me. For reasons I can't controll. I WILL NOT sit around to have you resent me over things I cannot controll. I am a man and you will not be-little me. You have no patience for me and that is not my fault. We are not intimate at all. You dont love me. Maybe you wont resent me when I have my own car and am working. Ill be in touch. I love you.


(I hope they work it out)


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hahaha i was thinking the same thing as elly!