Monday, December 03, 2007

Off the Needles

Here's a rundown of my holiday knits (the recipients don't really look here, so I'm safe):

A shawl I made for my mother-in-law. I made the same one for my Grandma and she loved it. I haven't blocked this piece yet. Blocking will bring out the yarnovers (holes) in the work.


This is a shawl I made for my mom. I thought it seemed like a nice idea, but now that it's finished, I'm afraid it looks too much like an afghan. I think I'm going to bill this as a nice thing to wear around the house. It'll be like a miniature blanket you can put around your shoulders! I still need to block this as well and buy a sweater pin for it.

Finally, the wavy scarf I made for my little sister from a pattern.

I also have a few others finished. I should get them posted sometime soon.

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Elly Zupko said...

Your talents so far exceed mine, lol. These are beautiful!